Morning Glory

On our way from King River to Morning Glory we detoured a little to Kyabram to see the water tank there, the artwork is very good but it is fenced off so you can’t walk around it very easily. However there is an excellent viewing platform for you to view this side of the water tank.

The Major Mitchell Cockatoo was particularly well painted, I think the artist has captured the mischievous look, so typical of all cocky’s.

We did a bit of shopping in Kyabram so when we arrived at Morning Glory we made a fresh ham roll for lunch which was delicious. We love the Morning Glory campsite and have booked 12 power sites for November cup weekend; the photo below is of the area we have booked. We will be sending an email out in a couple of days inviting people to the November camp.

The amenities block (on the left of the photo) has a rustic appearance but is good and clean inside with amenities, a well equipped kitchen and a laundry around the back of the building. Tank water is available on the end of the building. Water is available at some sites but it is just river water and was quite muddy when we were there. Forty-four gallon fire drums are provided. The photo below is another view of the sites we have booked and shows the unpowered area which is passed the white caravan to the right, some power sites are on the edge of this area which are some of the sites we have booked.

There is a beach at Morning Glory about 1 Km drive along the river that is suitable for swimming and there is also a boat ramp.

One day we went to Cape Horn Winery but it was closed, it is usually open 7 days a week and advertises as such, you can buy platters and Pizzas to eat on a grassed picnic area on the Murray. The bend of the river here is the same as Cape Horn at the bottom of South America, hence the name, it is a great place for a relaxing picnic so we were disappointed that it was closed. On the way we passed Morning Glory which is on the other side of the river and could see our campsite as in the photo below.

We decided to stay an extra day at Morning Glory and visited Barmah National Park where lots of the roads were flooded from environmental water releases. We eventually found a dry picnic table in the shade near old mustering yards and enjoyed a BBQ using Deen’s new butane portable BBQ, this BBQ is next to Deen on the table.

The old mustering yard had been constructed hand hewn post and rail which would have been a massive job as the yards are quite extensive.

There was a very interesting bush gate at the mustering yards made from a log with a counterweight to balance the weight of the log. A forked branch held the end of the log gate when open and another forked branch had been provided for when it was closed. It is shown in the open position.

We enjoyed our visit to the National Park, it was good to see some tinges of green on the ground and all the red gums and grey box trees looking very healthy, they are all a very vibrant green rather than their usual dull grey green. Tomorrow we are off to Nug Nug Reserve, a small camping area near Myrtleford and Lake Buffalo.

When we arrived at Nug Nug we were surprised how many camps had already been set up, there were around 60 power sites already occupied but we were able to find a couple of vacant ones. Deen doesn’t have an inverter yet in her van so she needs power for her laptop, as she still has a few business meetings to attend. Her project goes live on Jan 17 and things are at a critical stage. The campground has lots of trees which is great as the day temperatures are in the low 30s.

My camp is at the bottom centre of the photo; most of Deen’s is behind a tree but the white square across the road in the middle left of the photo is her kitchen awning.

Today, Thursday, is my last day away, the end of what has been a sort but very enjoyable holiday. We talked to the caretaker of Nug Nug Reserve and he mentioned that there could be 600 people here by the end of Boxing Day! My guess is that there would be 3 times as many camps here as shown in the photo, not a scenario I would like at all.

Deen has an infected toe so she went to the doctor this morning and he lanced and dressed it and put her on a course of antibiotics, it started feeling better as the day went by. After the doctors we headed to Milawa about 45 Km away and had lunch at the Milawa Kitchen, which is in the same building as the cheese shop. We chose a share platter which was excellent, a delicious beetroot and cherry relish, olives, a bread stick from the bakery (also in the same building), ham, three different salami, semi dried tomatoes, a piece of brie and butter for the bread. All delicious and accompanied with a Beechworth Pale Ale

A relaxing afternoon to follow will to wind up the holiday. Who knows where my next holiday will be and where I will be able to travel. I was thinking of going to WA but I think I will defer that to 2023. Best wishes for Christmas to you all.

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2 Responses to Morning Glory

  1. Marnie Ward says:

    Hi Russ and Deen, what a wonderful trip and I’ve very much enjoyed the pictures and commentary – living vicariously through your travels if I may ?. Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and happy New Year. I hope when everything settles down you might make your way up here, it would be lovely to see you both. Take care, Marns xx

  2. Russ says:

    Hi Marnie I’m glad you have enjoyed following our travels from a distance, if you can’t do it imagining it is the next best thing! It would be great if you could make the camp next year especially as you and Grant were at the first one and our ranks are thinning. Maybe you remember playing with the soldier crabs with Cam on the Waratah Bay beach. I hope your Christmas is a very happy one, although a bit crowded, and that you have a great 2022. Love Russ xo

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