Broken Creek Bush Camp

Sadly we had to cancel our planned trip to the Eyre Peninsula for the third time, I’m now on first name basis with the people at Lincoln National Park and they do the refund applications for me now. The SA COVID testing regime was just too onerous for us given the limited time we had to make the trip, but we will get there one day. So the hastily redrawn plans have us staying 3 days at Broken Creek Bush Camp near Benalla in Northern Victoria. It is a very relaxed camp with sites well spaced and basic facilities. It is Deen’s second trip with her new van and it is still performing very well.

You can see that it is very dry and also has the requisite fire place which we have used every night, firewood was $15 for a load delivered by front end loader. The host also cooks wood fired pizzas on Saturday night so we have one on order for tonight. Yesterday we went for a drive to see some of the silos in the area which I had visited already but it was good to do it again. The first was at St James a small village about 20 Km north of Benalla. I used the drone this time to give a different perspective

From there it was further north to Tungamah an even smaller village about 50 Km north of Benalla. Taking the photos in bright sun proved difficult as it was very hard to see the photo on the iPhone that controls the drone, even with the screen brightness at max.

Our next stop was Devenish where the silos had a military theme commeratting the contribution of people in the area to our armed forces.

The last silos on this excursion were at Goorambat another small village which is well organised and they have opened a cafe in town since the silos were painted. They have also set up a second viewing area for the second set of two silos. I liked these silos the best, the draught horses look like they are galloping toward you as you drive into town.

The other two silos are about 50 metres behind this one and I especially like the owl painting.

The evenings at Broken Creek did get cool so a fire was needed to keep us warm. Deen took this panorama photo one night.

There’s not a lot to do around Benalla but we did find Reef’s Hill State Park about 5 Km East of Benalla. It was a scrubby dry box forest with many small twisted eucalypts growing on a native grass forest floor. We found a fire BBQ and picnic table and enjoyed a peaceful couple of hours over lunch.

Tomorrow we head off to the King River Valley for a week.

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2 Responses to Broken Creek Bush Camp

  1. RHONDA says:

    So good to see you and Deen on the road again Russ. Looking forward to more blogs and photos. Always interesting and inspiring.
    Love Barry and Rhon ???

  2. Russ says:

    Hi Rhon it’s good to be camping again; we are enjoying perfect weather and visiting places we haven’t for a while. We are camped right on the King River near Whitfield in a perfect spot by ourselves, enjoyable and relaxing. I hope you have a great Christmas with Shaun. Love. Russ

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