Nelson to Meningie

I set off for SA on Thursday in wet and cold weather, I was pleased I had packed up most things and coupled the caravan up the night before. I was going to stop at Goroke for the night but decided to put in a biggish day and head for Meningie about 425 Km away by the roundabout way I was going to travel. When it’s wet and cold you may as well drive. My first stop after 200 Km was Goroke near Horsham which has some newly painted silos. They were excellent and the rain stopped long enough to get good photos.

Goroke Silos

There was a third silo by itself to the right of these two silos.

Goroke Magpie Silo

I thought the Kookaburra was excellent and loved the old post on which he was sitting.

Kookaburra at Goroke

From Goroke I headed west for Kaniva on the Western highway near the SA border. The silos were just off the main drag but the weather was worse, drizzle with a freezing strong wind. I took the photos as fast as I could but I did put the drone up for one shot.

Kaniva Silo from a Drone

From Kaniva it was off to Coonalpyn in SA which, like Kaniva, Coonalpyn is on the main highway that runs between Melbourne and Adelaide. At least it had stopped raining by the time I arrived there. Coonalpyn is a small town with a cafe as the only shop located opposite the silos. There was a constant flow of people taking photos of the silos, more than any other silo I had visited on this trip. The first view I got was from the south from the car park.

Coonalpyn Silo from the South

The silo artwork is of children from the area, representing the future. I put the drone up but only managed one shot before the battery went flat and I had to bring the drone straight down. I had spare charged batteries in the car but it was too cold to make that trip so you have to make do with this photo.

Coonalpyn Silos from a Drone

I did walk up to the northern end of the silos for another shot.

Coonalpyn Silos from the North East

Coonalpyn were the last silos for the day but I was pleased with my day of “siloing”, they were all wonderful in their own way. So I headed on to Meningie feeling happy with the day. Meningie is on the shores of Lake Albert which is next to Lake Alexandrina, the lake at the end of the Murray River. It is a massive lake and the caravan park is right on the shore, but a bit busy for my liking. Tomorrow I will visit some street art and check out the area.

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