Mt Eliza to Lismore Vic.

Sadly there was no Blog for the whole of 2020, just a few cancelled holidays; with fingers crossed the holidays will be happening this year. It felt a bit strange packing the caravan and I had to remember where to put and find things. It was also a new experience applying for a permit to enter South Australia and then another one will be needed to get back into the state in which I was born! So strange.

In this trip I plan to visit silo and water-tower art in Western Victoria and Eastern South Australia, plus some places of interest along the way. I will be away from home until early June so plenty of time with not a lot of distance to cover, so it should be relaxing. My U3A cryptic Crossword Practice Group is still running once a week so I have planned camp stops on Wednesdays where there is mobile coverage, hopefully good enough to run the Zoom session.

I thought I needed to take a photo of the first camp on this trip to prove that I am not dreaming, I am really on holidays, so here it is.

Camp at Lismore Victoria

Today’s trip was a leisurely couple of hundred K’s and everything seems to be working OK on the caravan after such a long lay-off, so that’s good. The first stop was a water-tower at Werribee, a small tower in a simple garden but impeccably maintained. The contrast between the original tower and the painted tower is massive. It shows how an eyesore can be transformed. The tower was built in 1914 and is 18 metres high.

Werribee Water-Tower before Artwork

This is the tower as it is now, it celebrates what was the major primary industry around Werribee using irrigation to grow vegetables.

Werribee W-T Vegetable Grower Grower
Werribee Water-Tower Vegetable Grower

The back of the tower was also painted with a platypus and a green frog.

Werribee Water-Tower Platypus
Werribee Water-Tower Frog

I headed off to Fyansford near Geelong, but found that the cement silos had been demolished so it was off to the Lismore water tower. A small tower on the edge of town, only about 10 metres high and in the front yard of a house, which is now a cafe. It features two dancing Brolgas which are native to the area.

Lismore Water-Tower Brolga & Chick

After painting the brolgas the artist returned 4 weeks later to “hatch the eggs” so he painted the chicks.

Tomorrow it’s off to Koroit for a few days to visit Tower Hill, Warrnambool, (Water Tower), Lake Condor and other sites in the area. It’s good to be travelling.

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