Sydney Region #1

So it was back to reality today travelling with a caravan through Sydney, at one stage I was on the very windy Pennant Hills Road in the middle lane with a B-Double on either side, I did breath in!  I set up camp at the Richmond Club, who have a 20 site small camping area.  I will travel out from here to the various water towers around Sydney.  Today I visited the Edmondson Park tower at Bardia.  I really liked the tower which was very colourful and interesting.  There was construction work happening on the site so I was able to take photos inside the fence after seeking permission from the Irish workforce.

The design featured elements of Edmondson Park from the past and present, which are demonstrated through an aerial view.

You can see a blue line running through the bottom of the mural which represents Campbelltown Road (the main road through the suburb). The artist has included things from the past like vineyards and market gardens through to Indigenous elements.

Also included are a local totem, a soldier, a Victoria Cross and foxes for Fox Valley Road, right through to future housing developments.

This was my first view of the tower.


Edmondson Park Water Tower First View


I then walked to the side to take this photo.

Edmondson Park Water Tower Side View


Ans a close up of the side view.

Edmondson Park Water Tower Close up Side View


I then had to seek further permission to walk through the worksite to the other side of the tower.

Edmondson Park Water Tower Another View


This tower could well be my favourite.  Tomorrow I will be off to Katoomba to see some more water towers.


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2 Responses to Sydney Region #1

  1. Chris Bissill says:

    Quite different to the majority of the other many towers you have visited Russ, very vibrant!

  2. Russ says:

    Vibrant is a good word to describe the tower. There was one in Brisbane that came close but it was in dappled shade so it didn’t show its best.

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