Flinders Ranges #5

Pack up day today as we both leave Wilpena Pound tomorrow.  I will be heading for Maree on the Oodnadatta Track and Deen is going to Clare for one or two nights.  After that she will head for the Barossa and then Dimboola then home.  I have enjoyed her company a lot, she reminds me of Marg a lot, practical, competent camper, good cook and caring as well.  I am sad to see her go.

So today we went for a drive toward Hawker to visit a couple of lookouts we skipped on the way here.  The views along this section of the Hawker-Wilpena Road are just stunning, photos don’t do them justice.  Deen took a panorama with her iPhone as I hadn’t worked out how to do this on my new camera.  The panorama looks great if you enlarge it by clicking on the photo.


The skies were quite stormy at times today and it was still very windy way from Wilpena Pound, but I put the drone up anyway and got one photo before the message came up on the control screen that it was too windy and I should land it.  It would not take any more photos.


My blogs will be published less frequently after here as 3G coverage maybe not available at every stop and I may not reply to comments and emails for a few days.

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