Flinders Ranges #2

We enjoyed a walk into Sacred Canyon where there are aboriginal engravings.  The canyon is relatively short at around 250 metres and it has high rock walls.   The person in the photo is not a Yeti, it is me at the top of one of two dry waterfalls that you have to scramble up.

There are beautiful large red gums in the creek hat flows through the canyon making it a very attractive place.


Near the end of the canyon is a rock shelter that the aborigines used to inhabit and make time to do the engravings.

The engravings are hard to see except for the circles that represent springs.  At the top right there is an engraving of a kangaroos footprint and an emus footprint.  There are other engravings that do not show in the photo as they are very faint.

Today I started with scrambled eggs for breakfast on sourdough toast and Deen had sourdough toast with blood orange marmalade I made last year, it was all delicious.  Later today we will drive through Bunyeroo Gorge and visit the ruins of Aroona Station.


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4 Responses to Flinders Ranges #2

  1. Cam Incol says:

    Amazing rock landscape!

  2. Russ says:

    It is Cam. We went through a couple of gorges yesterday so I will do a blog later with more spectacular rock photos. It’s freezing this morning so we are going to the Blinman pub for lunch. It rained again over night but is dry at the moment. The winds have been incredibly strong and freezing. We were lucky yesterday as the gorges were more sheltered but still had wind and it was sunny. I got the drone up OK for a few shots but didn’t leave it up for long. Love Dad

  3. Rhonda says:

    Hey Russ the Flinders Ranges certainly look beautiful and full of iinteresting history. You are right the photos look even more amazing when you expand them. Maybe we will get to do some travelling through these areas some time in the future, although it looks like you would probably need a 4 wheel drive. (Then again I guess if Dean’s mini can do it!!) Thinking of you both. Love Rhon xx

  4. Russ says:

    Hi Rhon Most times a conventional vehicle will be OK, it is only in the occasional wet that it could be an issue. The roads in the actual gorges are rough but would be OK if taken slowly. The roads to Wilpena Pound and Blinman from Hawker are bitumen. It is a great place for a holiday, we have enjoyed it a lot. Deen has a sore achilles so no long walks, which is a pity but it is getting better slowly. Two days to another big one! Love Russ xx

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