Loxton – Goolwa

Before I left Menindee is took a photo of my camp, which was quite idyllic under trees and right on the water.  I was up early and took a photo of Copi Hollow (the lake) at Dawn when the water was dead calm.

20161116 Early Morning at Menindee Med

Copi Hollow was where I camped and Burke and Wills passed through Copi Hollow when they left Menindee.

20161115 Camp at Menindee Med

20161115 Sign at Depot Camp Menindee Med

20161115 Depot Camp Menindee Med

It was a long drive Wednesday from Menindee to Loxton, around 540 Km.  Stopped at a caravan park half of which was closed because of floodwater from the Murray, but the sunset over the river was very picturesque.

20161116 Sunset on the Murray at Loxton Med

I have booked into a caravan park on Hindmarsh Island near the Murray mouth for a week, so it will be a time to relax.  Hindmarsh Island was the centre of a controversy a few years ago over the building of a bridge from Goolwa to the island.  Aboriginal women protested about building the bridge because of secret womens business.

Today I went for a walk in the Nurragi conservation reserve, which is a linear reserve that follows an old railway reservation for 12 Km.  The sign is on the old Nurragi Siding.20161118-nurragi-siding-sign-med

It preserves remnant vegetation of which only 2% remains in the area, the rest has been cleared.  I had enjoyable walks in several places along the reserve which would be great in spring when the wildflowers were out.  But even now there were quite a few flowers to see.

20161118-red-flower-at-nurragi-med 20161118-pink-daisy-at-nurragi-med

Along the way there were a number of Callistemons and some had a native creeper on them called snotty-gobble, how’s that for a name!

20161118-snotty-gobble-creeper-med 20161118-blue-flowers-at-nurragi-med

After the walks I went to Flying Fish seafood cafe in Port Elliot, it is renowned and the car park was full with about 80 cars, so I ordered take-away and enjoyed crumbed garfish and chips in a nearby beachfront park, washed down with some Tahbilk Chardonnay.  Way to go.

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12 Responses to Loxton – Goolwa

  1. Nadine says:

    That spot at menindee looks idyllic! I’ll have to take gidge there one day! 🙂
    How’s the name of that plant!! Snotty-gobble! I’ll have to look up who named it as there is either a story behind it or they were trying out for Monty python!! 😉

  2. Russ says:

    It was a great spot. Snotty gobble is an amazing pythonesque name, it is also known as slender devil’s twine.

  3. Marns says:

    Snotty-gobble best name ever. It all looks idyllic Russ, I’m a bit jealous. Hugs from Brissy xx

  4. Janice says:

    Named after a politician?

  5. Russ says:

    It is a good one Marns, hugs back from down here.

  6. Russ says:

    What a good call, and I guess take your pick as to which one it was as they are mostly all snotty-gobble.

  7. Nadine says:

    The only thing I can find about the name of snotty gobble is this:

    “There are two theories on why they are called “Snottygobbles”

    -by the look of the inside of the fruit. Squeeze a ripe fruit and see if you agree.
    -because the fruit is eaten (or gobbled) by the local wild pigs gobble.

    So dad, you’ll need to pick one of the fruit and see if squeezing it justifies its name 🙂

  8. Russ says:

    No thanks Deen, you’re the researcher so you can do that, you’re doing such a good job.

  9. Trish Ward says:

    Enough you lot! Snotty gobble indeed! I’m about to have breakfast and the thought is turning me off.
    Great trip Russ, I bet you are looking forward to unhitching for a week and having a relax.
    Enjoy my mate

  10. Russ says:

    It is a bit off putting, so no more on that creeper. It will be good to stop for a week and it is a very quiet caravan park in fact I am the only tourist here, but there are probably 6 permanent families but they are a long way away. Rx

  11. Rhon says:

    A well deserved break my friend. Enjoy!

  12. Russ says:

    Will do Rhon.

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