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I travelled to Wonboyn yesterday to visit Jim and Jenny Ellis, friends we have had for many years and our two families have camped together many times over the years.  They have a great holiday home in Wonboyn, a very small town about 30 Km west of Eden, situated on the ocean and surrounded by forest and Nadgee Nature Reserve.  It is very picturesque, lots of natural bush, heaps of birds, a lake for fishing and an ocean beach for swimming.  Jim has done a marvellous job of his house and has built every facility himself to finish with a great set up for entertaining and holidaying.  Their garden is a delight with lots of natives and orchids, no wonder there are so many birds, including lyrebirds in their garden, plus wallabies and a friendly kangaroo.  The orchids were nearly finished, but still looked great, so you can imagine how good they were at their prime!

20161031-jim-jennys-house-at-wonboyn-med 20161031-native-orchid-at-the-elliss-2-med 20161031-native-orchid-at-the-elliss-1-med 20161031-king-parrot-at-wonboyn-med

We visited the ocean beach, which was crowded (3 other people!!), and then spent some time chatting and getting the two roasts, pork and lamb on the go.  Jenny did a fabulous job with all the vegetables and Jim cooked the meat perfectly, although toward the end Jenny and Greg took over.  Their daughter Rachel and her husband Greg and their three children came around for dinner as did their friend Mick.  The meal was excellent, everything cooked to perfection – lamb, pork, potatoes, pumpkin, peas, corn, broccoli, and gravy. Even the crackling was perfect, although in consideration to my teeth and waistline, I did not have any, but the sound of crackling being eaten said everything.  At about 1.30 we acknowledged defeat and all headed off to bed.


The next morning some more conversation over breakfast and cups of tea and then headed back to Eden to do a few chores, shopping and then to Nethercote Falls picnic area for a BBQ lunch, which is only about 15 Km from where I am staying.


After the BBQ, I set off for the falls, a 2 Km walk each way that started with a kilometre descent down a closed road that was so steep you had to be extremely careful not to lose your footing in the gravel.  This was followed by a vey rough track with lots of steps and a couple of log crossings of the river.  The falls were picturesque and different to most as the river came around a corner that looked like a cave before dropping over the edge.


20161031-nethercote-falls-2-med 20161031-nethercote-falls-1-med

Tomorrow I pack up after a very enjoyable 10 days at Eden and head to Lake Tyers to catch up with my friends that I meet up with every November.

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4 Responses to Eden – Wonboyn

  1. Chris Bissill says:

    Sounds like a great trip Russ. Another place Keith would take me too in search of good fishing and good camping spots. Stayed at Wonboyn and Bittangabee

  2. Russ says:

    It has been good Chris, Wonboyn is such a quiet place with plenty of bush but you’d have to fish because there is not much else to do. I’m at Lake Tyers with Deen. the cup day crew will arrive today for a delayed cup weekend

  3. Rob Youdan says:

    I really like Eden and that bit of coastline 🙂

  4. Russ says:

    Hi Rob Not sure what happened but your comment was there this morning awaiting moderation. All the other comments have come straight through. I agree with your comment, regarding Eden and the coast in that part of Australia and there are lots of lovely National Parks and forests. Russ

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