The Prom & Mallacoota

After all the sadness around Marg’s death, we had a chance to rebuild our positive energy with a visit to Australia by my niece Justine, Robert and their two lovely daughters Lucy and Holly.  We had a family gathering on the seventh and celebrated Lucy’s 17th birthday.  Deen cooked two wonderful Paellas and everyone contributed to the success of  the day.  It was good to see my sister Lyn after a gap of more than 10 years.

Then we went to the Prom with our UK relatives and enjoyed a beautiful part of Australia.  They had a motorhome, Deen was in her teardrop camper, and I was in a small caravan.  Tidal River was just as good as ever, as were the Wombats.20160808 Tidal River #3 Med

20160808 Wobat #2 at the Prom Med

Then we went to Mallacoota and stayed in the Foreshore Caravan Park.  What a wonderful spot.  We enjoyed using the OzPig to keep us warm, as you can see in the photo

20160812 Camp at Mallacoota Med

Justine and her family stayed 2 days before heading for Sydney.  We had a wonderful BBQ picnic at Sou West Arm.

20160811 Picnic at Sou West Arm Med

Deen and I stayed 4 nights and went into Croajingalong NP for BBQ’s each day.  The we headed home taking 2 days to return staying at Stratford on the way.

20160813 Deen and Russ at Shipwreck Creek #1 Med

There was only one thing missing and that was Marg.  Still it was a good trip and got me back into camping.  Just as I miss Marg, you, the readers, will miss her entertaining writing, I will do my best to fill the gap she left.

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