Sorry for the delay in writing about our next stop, but a lot has happened since we arrived in the beautiful Huon Valley.

On arrival, we made the decision to pay a bit more and have a site that backed onto the river (or rivulet, as they say over here), which eventually flows into the Huon River.  This massive, beautiful river was in our sights as we travelled here, as it runs alongside the road for a good part of the way.  With mountains in the background, it was a lovely vision.  The caravan park in a farm stay, with milking and shearing displays available.

20160226 View from our Camp Huonville Med

There was talk of platypus in the river, I was very excited about being here and, with a large site with magnificent views, as well as being allowed to use our OzPig, so we have booked in for a week.  There is a very proud mother duck, with the cutest little duckling.  They both come to visit every day and it is very tempting to pick up the baby, but I think Mum might have a go at us if we did20160226 Duckling at Huonville Med

Our first outing was to Port Huon, where, of course, we had a picnic lunch, looking out over the estuary, with mountains beyond.  The South is very hilly, with narrow, winding roads, but with spectacular scenery.

The weather took a change for the worse in the next couple of days, with unbelievably strong winds.  Every one’s awning’s are tucked away and we hope that the caravan stays put.  One of our basins ended up in the rivulet, and there it remains to this day (three days later).

We decided to try some cider, so had lunch at Frank’s Cider Bar and Cafe.  We had a tasting of four different ciders, all were delicious, but my favourite was the last and the driest of them all.  All ranging from 3.5 – 5-5 proof.

Yesterday, we decided to go to Pelverata Falls, east of our caravan park.  Up through the hills, on a dirt road, pretty scenery all the way.  Got there to find that the falls were a three and a half hour walk return, and my level of shortness of breath at the moment, decided not to do it, so continued on through the mountainous, windy roads, until we were back in Huonville where, two hours later, we found a lovely table, beside the Huon River.

We have met a lovely couple (John and Ros), first meeting them at the Hobart Caravan Park, then they moved into the Hounville Park on the same day as us.  They come from Queensland and we have enjoyed happy hour with them very much.  Unfortunately, they had to leave today and it is unlikely that we will catch up with them along the East Coast.

20160227 John and Ros at Huonville Med

This is our fifth day here, and we are in our van most of the day, as the weather is bleak, cold and rain seems to have set in for the afternoon.

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