Mt. Warning #2

This is our last blog unfortunately, because Russ has had a few health issues and after doctor’s visits and blood tests, we have been advised to return to Melbourne.

Nevertheless, it hasn’t stopped us having a good look around this lovely area.  We drove up to Mt Warning and, with intention of doing the Lyrebird Walk, were disappointed to find that it was closed, just passed the creek.  Russ took a couple of photos, but it was pretty dark.

20150818 Lyrebird Walk Mt Warning NP Low

20150818 Camp at Mt Warning Med









We have really enjoyed being in a rainforest and waking up to the sounds of so many different birds.  As the days have gone on, we have heard King Parrots, Shrike Trushes, Wonga Pigeons and of course, Kookaburras.  There are many others that we cannot see, because of the density of the forest and the height of the trees.

We had a very interesting day at the Tweed Valley Regional Art Centre, exhibiting Margaret Olley’s paintings, as well as a reconstruction of the house she lived in for 37 years.  It was quite amazing.  Every room was filled with her collections and memorabilia, adding up to 21.000 items in all.  Somehow, even though it was cluttered, it still looked ‘tidy’, with all the colours of the objects blended in, giving us the impression that everything belonged there.  She treated her home as a canvas and constructed it as an artwork.  She painted her rooms intricately, down to the detail on the furnishings and rugs.

We had a delicious lunch there at the cafe and took a photo from the balcony, where we had our meal, of the Tweed Valley, including Mt. Warning, in the distance.

20150819 Mt Warning from Gallery Med

Tomorrow we set off for home.



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