We had two lovely sunny days (whoopee).  The camp ground looks entirely different with the sun filtering through the melaleucas and she-oaks and the owner has been laying screenings over the road, so we shouldn’t have any problems getting out.

We visited Greenfield’s Beach in the Jervis Bay National Park a few days ago, when it was too wet to stay, so decided to enjoy the sunshine and return to this beautiful place, for another picnic.  We were accompanied by two lovely yellow breasted robins, a couple of Kookas as well as honey eaters.  There was a view through the she-oaks of the incredibly white sands and the blue bay, and we felt that, at last, our perseverance had paid off. We took photos of the robins, but they were always in the shade, so the pictures are not very good.

20150720 Jervis Bay NP Greenfields Beach Med

20150720 Kookaburra at Greenfields Med

20150720 Yellow Robin at Greenfields Med

Our last day was sunny, and we decided to stay at camp, fire up the Oz Pig and enjoy lunch at the table on our site and soak in this lovely area.  There are yellow breasted robins here also, and a waddle? of ducks that wander through from time to time.  We made the most of this time by also packing up, hopefully meaning we will be able to get away quickly in the morning.

Next Day . . . 7 degrees and not such a quick getaway, with a few niggling problems, like no brake lights, difficulty disconnecting the antenna cable from the connectors, jockey wheel not lowering enough, but we set off for Mannering Park, 100kms north of Sydney on Lake MacQuarie at 9am.  We had our GPS directing us around Sydney, so, apart from the traffic and traffic lights, and road lanes that would be tight for a Mini, it wasn’t too bad really.  Arrived at 2pm, and booked in for an overnight stop.

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