Mount Beauty

We are enjoying the last day of our eight day stay at Mount Beauty.  It has been great here, catching up with some old, very good friends, a bit like a family re-union, and one which we have done every year since 1973.  On the way here we stopped at Nug Nug, a small camping area about 13 Km South of Myrtleford.  It is in the middle of nowhere, no 3G, no radio, no TV, and we smelt smoke and heard the crackling of a fire, not nice, but after flashing around all the nearby roads we found a farmer burning off, phew!  In the photo of the camp at Nug Nug,Marg is cooking breakfast on the BBQ

20131028 Camp at Nug Nug Med

Before our friends arrived at Mount Beauty, we enjoyed a couple of fire BBQ lunches at Mountain Creek in the Alpine National Park, a 10 minute drive from Mount Beauty Holiday Centre where we are staying.  It is a beautiful place with several walks from the picnic area, the BBQs were enhanced by the meat we bought from the butcher across the road from our camp, delicious fresh and smoked meat.

20131030 BBQ Picnic at Mountain Creek Alpine NP Med 20131030 Mountain Creek Alpine NP Med

After our friends arrived we spent a lot of time sitting around catching up with what was happening in everyone’s lives.  The park is ideally located right on the Keiwa River.

20131102 Kiewa River at Mount Beauty Med 20131102 Camp at Mount Beauty Med

We did manage to fit in a walk around Lake Guy at Bogong Village one day, about 3 Km long through the bush, unfortunately overgrown by weeds for lots of the way.

20131103 Lake Guy Bogong Med 20131103 Walk around Lake Guy Bogong Med

After the walk, we enjoyed a picnic in the picnic area by the lake, there were lots of Rhododendrons, all in flower.  The workers on the Kiewa Hydro Scheme, lots of whom came from Europe,  planted these  in the 1920s through to the 1940s, so they are quite big and covered in hundreds of blooms.  Lake Guy was created by the Hydro Scheme and there are a couple of power stations nearby.

20131103 Picnic at Lake Guy Med 20131103 Picnic at Lake Guy #2 Med

Tomorrow we head off toward Grenfel.

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5 Responses to Mount Beauty

  1. Rhonda & Barry says:

    Hey guys,

    Loved catching up at Mt Beauty. A fabulous spot indeed and great company as usual. Where are you now?
    Love Barry & Rhon x

  2. Rhonda & Barry says:

    Loved catching up with you guys at Mt Beauty. What a beautiful spot indeed!. Great company and great food – ideal holiday. Where are you now?

  3. Marg says:

    Hi Barry and Rhon, it has been a while for us to be able to post a blog, but we have just finished one in the comfort of an air-conditioned van because it is 34 outside, with a blustery north wind. We enjoyed catching up as well. Not much happening here and too hot to do much anyway, tomorrow will be hot again so we may find a nice cafe/pub/restaurant to have lunch.
    Love Russ and Marg

  4. Pia Kennedy says:

    Hello, We are in the process of building a new tourism website for Mount Beauty, Bright, Myrtleford and surrounding towns. I was wondering if you would mind if we use your image of the Mountain Creek Picnic Area on the ‘Mountain Creek Picnic Area’ page of the website?
    Kind Regards
    Online Communications Officer
    Alpine Shire Council

  5. Marg says:

    Hi Pia, that’s fine. Could you please tell us the website address?

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