Cradle Mountain – Stanley

On our last day at Cradle Mountain, we again had breakfast at the picnic area at the Ranger’s station, and then did the Knyvet Falls Walk.  Another beautiful place, although, again I think elderly people would have been disappointed with the grading of the walk.  The rest of the day was spent having a look around the campground and making another pizza – this time the gas was working well and the end result was fabulous.

On our way to Stanley we stopped at Burnie.  Did some shopping and had a lovely lunch at the Fern Glade Reserve – 2 kms from the city centre.  We had to ask a school bus to move forward so that we could turn around with the van, but once again, the driver was very accommodating and we were able to turn and enjoy lunch by the river, ducks included.


Arrived at Stanley early afternoon and the campground is in the shade of The Nut – a plug from a volcano, 143 metres high.  There is a chair lift taking people up and down all day long.  The next day, Russ walked up and down in what seemed record time!  We then bought delicious fish and potato cakes from the shop at the docks, as well as a crayfish, which we will probably have for tea.  The fish, flathead, was so fresh it tasted of the sea.

Stanley is a small fishing town, surrounded by spectacular beaches and seas.  They have managed to restore and maintain very old buildings, adding to the character of the place, which reminded us of some of the villages we visited in Ireland.  Everyone is very friendly, as are all the tourists.


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