Murramarang NP Resort

I’ve since learnt that Ap is App – coming into this new age world has a few challenges for me!!

Most of NSW, Melbourne and Tasmania has felt the strength of Mother Nature over the last few days and our experience was mostly severe, continuing, cold wind gusts, which made the next two days quite unpleasant, but at least there wasn’t much rain, as there are a lot of tent sites here and people have been wonderful throughout the adverse conditions.

This is a park full of young families – I don’t think I can remember seeing so many babies and toddlers in one place.  Lovely families, all having a wonderful time with their children.

On Thursday, we headed off for a picnic to Holmes Lookout, in the Clyde River National Park, but Russ took a photo (looking towards Bateman’s Bay) and then we headed home, because of the freezing, howling gale. The next day we stocked our frig with goodies for the Grand Final.  The app worked brilliantly and a new world has opened up for us.  As we watched the final on the iPad, we grazed our way through the day with trout dip, battered chicken breast, seafood cocktail and oysters mornay.

Today is a beautiful day – hardly any wind, so took a BBQ to North Head in the Murramarang NP.   A remarkable forest and beach, with a campgound, where fires are permitted.

In the picnic area, campers has left a pile of spent bottles and a hot fire, and had decided to go for a walk along the beach, before they left.  In the meantime, Rangers had arrived, spoken to people in the campground, who reported there misconduct the previous night, lighting fire crackers and hooning around in cars, so the Rangers waited for their return and booked them.

We were just across the road from them, while all this was going on.  We were  about to light a fire, but fortunately, spoke to the Rangers beforehand, and were told to use a gas stove instead.  The location was beautiful and we had a very relaxing time, after all the excitement.  We forgot our chairs, so found upturned crates very comfortable.

On our way home, we called into Honeysuckle Beach and Wasp Head, where the Rangers has told us about the only picnic tables in the vicinity.

Honeysuckle beach.

Wasp Head was surrounded by sandstone cliffs, beautifully sculptured by the weather.

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