Last night, we were treated to a wonderful display of fireworks.  A party close to the park made campers emerge from their vans to see a spectacular sight.

The weather today has been fantastic, although cold at night.  Woke to the sound of little lorikeets, corellas, kookaburras to name a few.  Also enjoyed the wonderful toot of the Emi Lou paddle steamer over breakfast.

One of Russ’s Christmas presents from me, was a book about Burke & Wills travelling across Victoria.  Today we followed their route to camp 11, at Mt Hope.  Very flat landscape, until their destination – a relatively small range of granite boulders.

The roads were interesting to say the least.  In the book, it reported how often Burke & Wills’ wagons were bogged on the road to Mt Hope and it was just as well for us that the recent days have been dry, or we would have had to find an alternate route, even with a 4WD.

We picnicked their, enjoying left overs from yesterday’s hamper.  Went for a walk later and found a wallaby caught in a barbed wire fence.  As we approached with wire cutters, the poor, beautiful thing panicked and did a flip and unwound the wire and he was free.  Unfortunately he had a very sore leg and was obviously in shock and couldn’t move.  Hopefully, with our quick retreat, he will calm down, recover and seek shelter.


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