Chapman River/Kingscote

The next day, after rain overnight and forecast of showers throughout the day, we decided it was time for a gourmet platter from nearby Chapman River winery.  We had a platter in the van, so asked if we could have a take-away platter made up and they said that we were the first people to ask such a thing, but they’d oblige.  We took it back to our van and it was absolutely fantastic.

Home made sesame biscuits, to have with a creamy dip, local tasty cheese, smoked lamb, turkey, tomato chutney, ham, salami, grilled local halloumi cheese, savoury jam tarts, sun dried tomatoes, olives, eggplant, lettuce, 2 small pieces of quiche and pickled cucumber – yum.  There was enough for tea and some meat left for tomorrow’s lunch.

Drove out to Cape Willoughby’s lighthouse, while waiting for the platter to be prepared.  A Californian ship “Konos” was caught in a record low tide and hit rocks.  Its cargo was Redwood and timber.  Its life boats were damaged, but the Captain and crew repaired them with canvas.  The Captain wanted to retrieve his log books, but the mast crushed his cabin, just as he was about to enter.  All survived.

Packed up this morning and are presently at a caravan park in Kingscote, with power and full water tanks again.

Found a magnificent fish shop and I had a piece of crumbed flathead and Russ had a whiting meal, consisting of 2 pieces of whiting, chips and coleslaw.  We braved the cold wind and sat overlooking the Bay of Shoals and the docks.  Delicious!!

Drove to Island Bee Hive on the edge of Kingscote which had Honey for a honey tasting, all different flavours, but delicious.

One thing we have noticed is that there are no flies, blow flies, or mosquitoes.  We haven’t had to bother about flywire screens so far!!  Hope I haven’t jinxed us!!

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  1. Trish Ward says:

    Yum! We are hoping to go to Kangaroo Is later this year. It looks fantastic. Keep safe and continue to have a great time.

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