Finally got the van on the road again at about 2pm and headed for Turlee Station, 100km NE of Mildura.  No-one there on arrival, but followed the signs to the camping area, 2kms from the station, in quite a barren place.  There were some Rosewood trees and a toilet block, but compared to the entrance to the station and the surrounding areas, we wondered why they had chosen this site for a camping area.  Nevertheless, there was a massive mound of mallee roots, which instantly reminded me of Russ’ dad, who not only loved to burn mallee roots on Sunday afternoon, but crafted beautiful pieces of artworks from them.  Felt very sentimental for quite some time.

Freezing cold, but as soon as the mallee roots made an impact, and we had a delicious BBQ, we were ‘as happy as Larry’, (who’s Larry?). Hot water bottle against my bruised ribs at night and everything was fine.

Turlee is a 145,000 acre property, growing 75,000 acres of wheat, 3500 sheep (7000 before the drought), and have 1500 lambs from their last season.  They have put their ram to work with the most producive ewes, hoping for more results.  They have recently been spraying their crops for weeds, all done now by GPS, which tells him where to start again the next day.  His rig includes a DVD player so he doesn’t get bored!

Bloody computers, we’ve been trying to add photos for an hour, to no avail!  Make your own pictures in your mind!



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