Making the Most of Mildura

While our cabin is comfortable, we would rather be ‘on the road’.  The part for the brakes for the Kimberley comes in some time tomorrow, so we suppose that means Monday night here as well.

The weather is sunny today, although a cool breeze keeps us on our toes.  Decided to go out for a BBQ overlooking the mighty Murray – do you think we could find one?  Not until we asked a local, who directed us to the Apex Park, right on the river’s edge, gas BBQ, tables amongst magnificent red gums.  Only sausages in bread, washed down with the ubiquitous glass of chardonnay of course!

The PS Melbourne paddled by, making us wish we were on it, but being on the bank and listening to the sound of the wheel gave us great pleasure.  We returned home, and spent the afternoon on the deck of our cabin, which faces the river, and have been entertained by passing house-boats, paddle steamers, giving us a toot as they return, and the odd skier or two (odd being the operative word, given the temperature of the day – no offense to all those water skiers out there!)


Things are pretty slow in Mildura, but maybe that’s what we need at the moment (a positive thought, from a negative situation??)

Sorry the blog isn’t more interesting – just wait until – hopefully Tuesday – when we’re on the road again!!!!

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