Enabba Magnolympics

A post from Russ

The Magno Men were really interested in, and enjoyed watching the bits of the Olympics we were able to watch, so they decided to stage their own games today. We didn’t have much time as we had to go out on a drive, but they fitted in some activities – Gumnut Football, Eneabba Marathon, Gumnut Tunnelball, Towel Gymnastics and Bent Wire Highjump. Lots of campers came to watch, cheering on their favourite Magno Man. Here are some of our favourite action shots.

The blog software for some reason truncated thumbnail photos and has placed them where it likes, must have been developed by Microsoft!  Photos now loaded in a different way and may take longer to view, sorry about that.

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  1. Rhys and Heath says:

    I think the yellow magno man with the happy smiling face won the most medals in the Magnolympics.

    Heath xxxxoooo

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