Last Day at Western Flora Caravan Park

After a great week here it is time to leave for Jurien Bay, where we will do several day trips to National Parks, reported to have a diversity of flora unequalled in the world!

Yesterday we went to Depot Hill again, as well as White Gums Nature Reserve, looking for the Blue China orchid. No luck unfortunately, but we did see orchids that we have previously seen, but some were more intensely coloured. A thunderstorm followed us all the way, but we managed to have a picnic lunch at White Gums, just before it pelted down. Things aren’t done by halves over here – flowers are spectacular and storms and skies are fierce and black!!

Rhys and Heath – you are both very good judges – the smiley faced yellow magno man DID win all the medals, but the others got prizes for having a go!

The tiny group of flowers are trigger plants – it was hard to know where to put your feet – they were absolutely everywhere and only 6mm high!

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