Exmouth – Bullara

This family of emus came meanering through the c’van park at Exmouth and the other photo was where I posted the last blog!

We met Jean and Norm who caught a 21lb Blue Bone – their record catch in 24 years camping for 6 months every year at Exmouth! They also had a Cobb oven for sale, which we purchased, so now if fires are banned, we can still BBQ with 6-7 heatbeads + make bread, bake cakes etc. After staying a couple of extra days at Exmouth, waiting for the rains in the lower coast to clear, we then stayed at Bullara Station for two nights.

As soon as we drove through their gates, we saw larger shrubs, lines of Ghost Gums and our site was nestled amongst small ghost gums. We had a fireplace, septic toilet, showers and bore water, but no power.

The custodian, Richard & Jenny, are the parents of he present owners of the farm, who are away giving birth to their new baby. Richard and Jenny owned the station themselves for 36 years and the station was previously owned by Richard’s father (and others). They now have their own farm, further south, where they fatten the cattle, from this farm, for export.

The cost of diesel is making them reconsider their future as the roadtrains use 1 litre per 700 metres of diesel and they shift 900 head of cattle a year; each r/train holding 60 cattle per trailer. Each r/train has 3 trailers.

There were 3 fantastic dogs; a young kelpie pup, called Chocolate, an older ridgeback and a small housedog (with a huge personality). We fell in love with Chocolate – bounds of energy, a twinkle in the eye and great company on the two long walks we did.

The station is situated amongst the lovely red sand dunes, mentioned on the way from Karijini to Exmouth, so the first walk was to the NE to a large dune and he second was SE to a beautiful dune, covered in Forrest’s Feather flower.

Both walks were enjoyable and each for an hour or so, with a panting and playful kelpie. We’ll miss her and Bullara.

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