C’naaarvon Day 2

We come to towns to stock up etc. etc. which is what we have done over the last couple of days – with a bonus of good competition bowls on every day, at the back of our site.  We can only watch them as we didn’t bring our bowls away this time. WA’s come up here for 4 months for the competition and there will be a mass evacuation tomorrow, as today is the last day of the comp.

We took lunch out again today, but were very disappointed with Chinaman’s Pool and 1 Mile Jetty. These areas in town are ‘their major attractions’, but are sadly uncared for and are not set up for tourists, so we bought lunch back home and watched the bowls.


The two magno men are new ones so we have 5 altogether now!!!!! Imagine what we thought when we noticed a couple of bright little fellows walking along a red sandy track. They needed a big drink, although they looked very clean and they have much longer hair than the 3 you lent us. We are going for another big adventure tomorrow and it will be fun to see if they get up to any mischief – or maybe we might find some more. Keep your fingers crossed and hope that we will!!

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