Carnarvon (pronounced C’naarvon!)

Today we drove out to Rocky Pool, another permanent waterhole of the Gascoyne River – seen on our inland trips. There were many people camped out there, although there isn’t a toilet or anything. Quite a lot of day visitors too.

Rhys and Heath – guess what happened? We found two more Magno Men out there!!!!!!!! See if you can spot the differences. We have decided to keep and feed them and we think they will be great company for our other 3 MM. What do you think?

We had a delicious lunch by this spectacular pool, in the shade of some extremely old meleulucas (can’t work out the spelling for that!) and walked the entire length of the pool, before setting off.

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  1. Rhys and Heath says:

    Rhys and Heath couldn’t work out whose Magnet Men these are. Rhys reckoned they were all his and that their hair had grown. Then I read out your blog and now they want to know where you found them!!!

    love HEATH and RHYS (typed by the boys)

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