Lazy Times at Kalbarri

School holidays have caused an influx of people into Kalbarri, but it hasn’t changed our pace at all.

Today we walked a couple of kms to a Seafood Shack for lunch. We paid $31, for fish and chips, served in paper, with a plastic container of Greek salad and a plastic fork each, but we sat outside, with a view of the Murchison River and the ocean – quite expensive and not very elegant, but delicious crumbed schnapper, a few chips and we walked beside the Murchison River coming home, sat and watched people fishing, boating, sunbaking, picnicing and came home feeling good.

I’ve taken a few pictures of the immediate vicinity and tried to get some pictures of the beautiful birds, but they are not quite as relaxed as us and I’ve found it particularly difficult. There is a pair of Rufous Whistlers, some lovely little ground pigeons, and a larger pigeon, with blue on its wings, as well as Silver Eyes and Weebills, Galahs and Honey Eaters, to name just a few. We bought a book on the wildflowers today, so in future we should be able to name them!

There are a lot of Bouganvillias in flower (all different colours) and never tire of looking at them.

The sea views are from the front of the c’van park, and the shopping centre and accommodation of all kinds, are situated along this strip.

The MM are getting a bit restless – taking the risk of sliding down the tent poles, and dancing sideways as well.

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