Burketown to Mt Isa

We arrived in Mt Isa (or The Isa to the locals), one day early, only to find that the only site left in the park is meant for overnight stops and is right on top of two other vans, but after being in the car for 7 hours, with Gregory Downs being the only place with fuel and food, we don’t mind what the site’s like!

The road had dried out a lot in the 24 hours, so no slipping and sliding through mud, although Russ had to concentrate 100% of the time, due to the roughness and different surfaces on the way.

We stopped at the Gregory Downs Pub at 10am and bought a couple of toasted ham sandwiches and some sandwiches to take with us for lunch, which we ate at a beautiful waterhole named Top Harris, down a little 4WD track. We are really appreciating the ability to get to these lovely places, otherwise you have to just pull over to the side of the road. There are no wayside stops at all.

177kms out of Mt Isa, we were pleased to come across bitumen – neither of us commented, just in case it ended over the next hill, or around the next bend, but it went all the way to town – bonus!!
Yesterday was catch-up time for washing, shopping etc., though all the shops are closed in Queensland on Sunday.

Today, the car is in for its 75,000km service, I’ve been to the Chiropractor and I’ve also had my hair cut.

Mt Isa is a large city, with the mines working 7 days, but there’s not a lot happening this weekend – I think everyone is recovering from last week’s famous rodeo.

Tomorrow we will start the trip south – possibly going to Diamantina Gate NP – we are trying to find out information about roads, camping etc., but are not having much luck to date.

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