The Town of 1770


We haven’t gone back in time, but have arrived at ‘The Town of 1770’. We were greeted by rain, yet again, but 21 degrees, so who’s compaining? Travelled 395 kms from Maroochydore through Maryborough, Childers (where we lunched), Bundaberg, Agnes Water, then 1770.

Where ever we go, people are interested in our new Kimberley Karavan. We’d like a dollar for everyone who’s had a tour! Even at our lunch stop outside Childers, we were showing another couple the van. The van is everything we had imagined and more. We use our diesel powered ceramic hotplate every morning, and prior to Maroochydore, used the diesel powered heater/ hotwater. We had trouble getting the solar panels working, due to a regulator fitted to the van, so Russ had to make up a new lead with an Anderson Plug.

We use the inbuilt shower everyday, toilet at night and it feels like a luxury to have hot water to wash the dishes, straight from the tap!

We spoke to our family tonight and caught up with the news from Rhys and Heath. Rhys is looking forward to a school excursion tomorrow to Chesterfield Farm, where he can wear his gum boots!! Heath is wearing his Batman costume to bed, with a beannie!! That’s Melbourne’s weather at the moment.

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