Last Day at Eurimbula NP

Last nights roast lamb was delicious and carefully attended to by Russ.\


We work to some clouds and did not have any specific plans, but what a day it was! Nearby anglers gave us some yabbies for bait, so out came the rods and the whole catastrophe, and down to the beach, with some welcome cloud to give our skin a break. Within ten minutes (or so!) I had caught a beautiful whiting, followed by a decent sized bream. Russ was now throwing a line in and caught four very tiny flathead, which had to go back for next time. An hour and a half later, and two more bream, we were very happy with our morning’s work, and had used up all the bait.

lark-fully-afloat-at-bustard-beach off-we-go

Everyday there is an old army Lark that takes tourists from Agnes Water across the sands and water, to Eurimbula NP, and the photos here show its passage through the waters near us.

It will be a full moon tonight and the effect on the tides has been amazing. We have never seen the water in an inlet move as fast at low and high tides as this one does. It would be dangerous to swim at those times.

We are tidying up this afternoon and moving off early morning (so hopefully, we don’t meet anyone coming in). We are going to Cania Camping Resort to fill up with water and get some washing done.

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  1. Cameron says:

    What a classic photo of Dad sitting by the fire!

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