Bustard Beach, Eurimbula NP

After discovering Middle Creek and Bustard Beach Eurimbula NP (pronounced the same as Merimbula, without the M), we packed up and moved to Bustard Beach. The narrow, sandy road reminded us of Frazer Island and our camp site is in view of the ocean and a large creek. The water flows incredibly fast out to sea with the change of tide, and comes in equally fast on its return.


We swam in the creek at low tide yesterday. It was very cold, but invigorating. Even Russ came in! Later that night we were advised not to swim there, because of sharks that get trapped in there at low tide as well as large stingrays! We were looking out for Stone Fish, but did not even consider that there might be anything else to worry about.

The caravan is working well without power, with our diesel hot water service and our solar panels, we are very well set up.

This afternoon, at the change of tide, we’ll try our luck fishing. Other campers have boats and one lot came back with forty whiting yesterday! If we don’t catch anything, we’ss be having roast lamb tonight, cooked in the coals, in our camp oven.

The birds are many and varied, with a pair of golden whistlers close to our site and a very striking honey eater we’ve yet to identify. The weather is perfect with approximately 24 degrees, a slight breeze and a beautiful blue sky, after a fairly cold night.


This may be the last posting for a while.

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  1. We are very proud of you Marg for setting up this blog! Sounds as though you have struck much warmer climes than we experienced in Maroochydore. How lovely to be camped next to the ocean and a river. We are back to cold Menzies Creek but enjoying our new experience of having central heating. Enjoying your travels. Keep up the blog.
    Much love Barry & Rhon

  2. We have just found your much welcomed comment! We have been off-line for a while. Love Marg and Russ.

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